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Fit (back, Chest, Arms, Balance)

Big sets. Use weights that are appropriate for quality repetitions.

Station 1

Jump Rope x 2 min. or Bike med-high intensity 2 min.

Close grip lat pull x 10

Bent over Barbell or single arm Dumbbell Rows  Continue reading Fit (back, Chest, Arms, Balance)


M.I.B (Mission Impossible)

  1. Chin-ups x 3-6 or reverse bench press (modified pull-ups)
  2. Toe Touch x 25 (sitting on your sit-bones with feet in the air knees bent slightly) 
  3. Squat Thrusts (Touch floor with hands on squat) x 20
  4. Burpees with Jump x 5
  5. Bench Dips x 20
  6. Toe Touch x 15
  7. Squat Thrusts x 15
  8. Pushups x 10 (full 90 degrees elbows)
  9. Toe Touch x 25
  10. Squat Thrusts x 20
  11. Jumping Lunges x 20 ea.
  12. Chins x 3-6 or reverse bench press (modified pull-ups)
  13. Toe Touch x 10
  14. Squat Thrusts x 10
  15. Pogo over Versa Bar x 60 sec
  16. High Knees x 60 sec (knees up to waist)
  17. Squat Thrust Touch floor x 15

Continue reading M.I.B (Mission Impossible)


Need a workout but don’t have a gym?

CO-ED Total Body Beginner, 2 – 3 days per week (35 min)

Tools of the trade: One role up exercise mat (yoga mat), one exercise band with handles (…tension red or medium), and a Buddy (more fun). Workouts for Home and Travel BT


Standing Wide Leg stretch (hold for 20 seconds x 3)

Standing Single Leg runners stretch for quads x 20ct

Butterfly Stretch x 20ct. (Seated on your mat pulling heals towards you)

10 inch arm circles x 30 (moderate speed)

Rear Shoulder (Pull each arm close & across chest stretching the rear delts x 10 ct. ea.

Triceps stretch x 10 ct. ea. (Elbow bent over head pressing gently with other hand) Continue reading Need a workout but don’t have a gym?


Artistry in Motion, Locally Crafted Custom Surfboards

If you’re a Surfer or wish to be a surfer some day, the first thing that you need to know is that all surfboards won’t engender those visionary nose rides, hits, hacks, carves, and aerials on that tasty wish list of yours. You’ll need a “real” surfboard for that…

Last weekend I paddled out at one of our local spots for a test ride on my new “Poker Chip”; the most recent addition to my quiver. My first takeoff was so automatic and natural that I’d swear it was one of my old whips; each ride after, being a repeat celebration. The uniqueness of this first ride was that the board’s dimensions were completely different from any of my other boards; a completely new design and yet it new me! Continue reading Artistry in Motion, Locally Crafted Custom Surfboards


The Ab-Solute Truth

The Ab-Solute Truth

Lee Brinn  – 4 weeks out from comp 2009

Everybody would like great looking abs. But with so many different opinions regarding how to get them, who knows what to do?  I think its a good time for a detailed review of the abdominal training fundamentals. Here’s what you need to know:
It’s all one muscle*
There has long been a misconception that there are “upper” and “lower” abs, but in fact your abdominals are one long, flat sheet of muscle that runs from the bottom of the breastbone to the top of the pelvis. You work the whole muscle with virtually any abdominal exercise you do. Reverse crunches are no more effective for working the lower fibers of the abdominal wall than standard crunches. If you want to get more of those lower fibers working, concentrate on Continue reading The Ab-Solute Truth


10 musts for building muscle…

Train smart for bigger, faster muscle gains.
Train smart for bigger, faster muscle gains.

It’s not always about working harder; but working smarter that get’s the best results.

1) Adaptation & Progression – Everything pretty much boils down to this principle. Muscle growth is a function of your body adapting to stress, and it only continues to adapt (grow) as long as their’s progression, or an increase in intensity/load.

2) Intensity & Frequency – Tied to the concept of progression, intensity measures the amount of effort put forth in a given period of time. Frequency is how often you train, and its surprising how many magazines and “so-called” experts get this concept wrong.

3) Optimal Warm-up & Stretching – Often ignored by most weight-trainees, the proper warm-up can increase strength, minimize injury, and enhance overall results. The facts about stretching have changed over the years, but many people are still applying old-school principles. Stretching is absolutely critical to your success.

4) Duration & Volume – How long should you train for? Continue reading 10 musts for building muscle…