A Coachable Moment

Wow! Its been a busy winter right into a crazy spring and I’ve been scrambling to keep up with work, fun, and obviously Coach’s blog!

Among my todo’s this year is a Book that will more or less be comprised of thought sketches and lessons which I hope will cast a positive perspective on our mistakes and lead us to shore.

I’m sharing a few lines in high hopes that you haven’t forgotten me! Life rolls on and though I don’t see a huge break in the surf I so enjoy my little slices of time here as your coach. I hope you enjoy the following excerpt. “C” TOP PIC – Jake Brinn, Sandbridge VB

It’s the summer of 2010 and the monster moment is just about to strike. The inevitably cruel moment when each of us realizes, we’re not awesome yet. It’s always at the pinnacle of our coolness; right when we’ve reached the top of the social mountain, and we’re just about to place that confidence incrusted crown on top of our royal noggins’ that the monster rears back and drills us right in the center of our chest. Our heart breaks; falling weak to our knees we frantically search our memory banks for shelter from this, the harshest of truths and cruelest of realities. We begin to doubt every move we make and thing we say; wondering if all those Atta-boys bestowed by parents, family members, teachers, and coaches were all just bull—-. It’s at precisely that moment that we get our first glimpse of the real world; with its insecurities, fears, black holes, and bottomless pits of self pity that hungrily anticipate our stumbles and eagerly await the chance to gobble us up. It’s also at this moment that we are presented the first of our precious weapons to defend against such monsters. The monster moment came for him at 9:00am Saturday morning without warning, piercing his heart, and leaving him with only one weapon with which to fight; courage.


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