Lee Brinn


My appetite for fitness is insatiable as is my desire for sharing it. Diet and exercise play leading roles in the happiness and success we enjoy throughout our lives. My goal is to never hide the truth, dig for real solutions, spur your motivation, and cultivate your interests. Comprehensive, tough, and rewarding as any fitness program should be. 

Sustainability is the key to a real fitness lifestyle. My virtual and in house clients develop healthy, strong, styles of living. Through education, solutions, and consistent results they become their very best. It’s infectious, we wear it and project it through our confidence, happiness, and endless activities. The BT client honestly wants to experience the best version of themselves. My clients and I work, succeed, and celebrate living together.

Striving for excellence, adventure, and happiness have enriched my life far beyond my expectations. I’ve trained my body, mind, and spirit to live… everyday is another adventure ~ Coach

Are you who you want to be?

Quality and Strategy

Bodytek provides you with professional training services by an experienced, veteran trainer. Our system has one of the best track records in the business.

Diginity and Respect

You're very important. BT uses an individual approach for every client and treats each one respectfully, taking into account your wishes and suggestions.


Our clients value BT's professional, responsive service. Love of the work keeps us doing our best to provide you with the highest-quality and optimum results.

What Our Clients Say

A person can walk into a gym and pay for a trainer and not get the results they should. When you get the privilege to buy a trainer like Lee you are buying a lifestyle that you will fall in love with. Lee is a rare breed of a trainer and when you have something rare of anything, the value is unfathomable!!!! Yes I am currently a product of Lee’s training. 5 STARS Google Review
Rob Almony
Moyock, NC
After deciding I needed a lifestyle change I met with Lee. I was pleasantly surprised how raw and real he was with me, from what I thought I needed, to what I thought was healthy eating, even down to the workouts I thought were good. He took the time to listen to me. To acknowledge what I was wanting, not only appearance wise, but the actual understanding of “why” you eat certain foods at certain times, do these workouts and drink the water. He feeds you with his knowledge and advice and genuinely wants you to succeed. The meal plans are working for me. The virtual workouts provided to me are amazing. I am not sluggish throughout the day like I was. I drink more water than I ever have before. I don’t have certain cravings that once felt uncontrollable. To break the chains from an unhealthy lifestyle is not easy, and it’s something that you can’t put a price on. My body inside and out are responding and I have Coach Lee to thank for helping me and guiding me along the way. Google Review
Tabitha Vogan
Moyock, NC
BodyTek Personal Training can truly help you become the best version of yourself. Whether your fitness goal is athletic development, weight loss, conditioning or strength training, BTPT is where you need to be. Within the walls of this gym you'll find knowledge, dedication, motivation, compassion, encouragement, discipline, camaraderie and, frequently, humor. No matter your age (current clients range from 12-67), fitness level (couch potato to competitor), or ability/disability (injury prevention to rehab), you will be supported both in and out of the gym as you work towards your goals. Lee and Beth Brinn are amazing. I've been with BTPT for a number of years (lost count) and I can't say enough good things about the Brinns or BodyTek! Facebook Review
Vicky Stellato
Chesapeake, VA

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