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Long Live Obsession!

Lee and Jake Brinn Surf obsessionistsI once had a client say to me: “Lee, you must admit…you’re a little over the top” and I said “Well I’m just as obsessed with getting you to your dream as I am with living mine if that makes you feel any better”.
I’ve found that when our focus is precisely directed at the one thing that we want; we get it! If you’re completely consumed by it then you become it! Oh, you may appear slightly insane at times or “a bit over the top” but who cares! I can tell you with certainty that most onlookers secretly wish they were as committed as you and someday will ask “How do you do it?” Life’s crossing guards with their good intentions beg us to choose safe routes, social acceptance, and paths free of danger. However by doing so, we get side tracked with tasks that keep us busy as bees but fail to provide true fulfillment in our lives. Every treasure in my life was challenging to attain and keep. I sincerely believe that the reward is equal to the effort. Still we unceasingly feel we’ve worked hard enough…when we’ve almost done so. As a tadpole struggling to catch my first wave I was treated to a profound bit of advice by a 19 year old wise man & surfer. As he paddled up alongside me he said;

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Make It Count…

How important is a single moment? I once read a magazine article entirely devoted to one set of barbell rows performed by the great Dorian Yates. The six-time Olympian world champion believed in efficiency. For over sixty years, there has been an ongoing debate regarding the number of reps and sets required to maximize ones muscular potential, but there was no debate about who the world champion was at that time. One of my favorite quotes is “The proof is in the pudding”. Whatever this athlete was doing was working… so I read the writers words intently, carefully saving each descriptive phrase into my memory.  As I read, I began to grasp the writer’s deep appreciation for the champion’s method. The article spared no detail or a doubt as to the lifter’s purpose. I was convinced that Dorian’s efficiency was his edge. I committed myself to maximizing every workout, every set, and every rep. Continue reading Make It Count…


If it scares you…do it!

Bodytek Personal training

The content here will improve any career, relationship, hobby, sport, challenge, or adventure that you apply it to. By overcoming our fears we free ourselves to be and do anything, no matter how fantastic it seems. Achieving the goals we fear may bring us results in true personal growth, willpower, and strength that lasts a lifetime. Thank you “Bud Bilanich” for laying it down so clearly, Lee

If you want to become self confident, you need to do three things:
1) become an optimist;
2) face your fears and deal with them; and
3) surround yourself with positive people.
Today, I’d like to focus on fear — that uncomfortable feeling that prevents you from taking the action necessary to get what you want in life.

What scares you? What have you done to overcome this fear?

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Where do you define yourself?

Bodytek Personal trainingYes. Periods of anxiety and being scared allow the sympathetic nervous system to override the parasympathetic system.

The subsequent release of catecholamines such as adrenaline cause your heart rate and strength of contraction to increase, in order to supply your muscles with more oxygen and glucose. Your heart therefore gets a workout, just as it would if you went on the treadmill. Your blood pressure increases, as does your breathing rate and depth. These are all good effects. Continue reading Where do you define yourself?


Having friends helps… JT WALK

Good morning Saturday lovers,

Waking up to a splendid sunrise over the dunes this morning, taking my first gulp of Eight O’Clock freshly ground original blend from my “Pike Place Market” Starbucks cup, and writing to you… Its my cup’s maiden voyage; just gifted to me from my good friend and loyal confidant Joe (yes Joe like cup of) who whenever possible encourages my fetish for coffee cups. This one so far is my favorite.. I may have had other favorites in the past but right now this one is king. And so far the cup is pretty stoked about the morning as well. I practically live on the beach so you’d think I’d be pretty jaded about the whole wake up to see the sunrise and all that. Fact is I grew up where the water meets the sand and like most people I find comfort in being home. So this morning I’m happy to share a friend’s Blog with you and suggest that you follow it. I’ve found that as a Real Estate Company or any other kind of company for that matter they are uncharacteristically passionate about the truth, providing solutions, and sharing interesting information. I like that.  The subject of this particular blog post is absolutely close to my heart. After sharing my association with the JT WALK with my friend Gary Lundholm he promptly began promoting it, thus a blog appeared later that day. Gary followed up with a contribution and pledged to walk this Sunday with his wife Marylou. Very characteristic of the man.. and his company. My friend Josh Thompson aka JT has inspired all of us to care, share, and reach out in the name of ALS. We walk together this Sunday for the 5th year knowing that we’re making a difference. Having friends helps… Read the Real Estate Group Blog, its real good stuff.


You Don’t Know JACK!

The real Jack LaLanne

Looking for some hard facts to motivate you. At 96 Jack Lalanne still trained daily to keep his body and mind fit. The true king of Fitness; a real live super hero will truely be missed. Talk about oldies but goodies! Long before our time he spoke these words with enough passion to usher in an entire fitness generation which lives strong today. Take some notes from the master –   The video clip (link below image) was taken from Jack’s daily exercise show in the 1960’s.


Stick with it, Coach