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Prioritize your life

Good job! Yep, you’ve done a good job in many areas of your life from choosing your partner and raising your children to your successful career. Now it’s time to prioritize life a bit. It’s become apparent that there is TOO MUCH going on to fit it all in so you must begin to look at your life in new way.  Most of us wait too long to begin this process and tend to apply it only to our jobs. Not you! You’re going

Make everyday count

to make everyday here on the rock count by simply being honest with yourself about what’s important and what’s not… I happened to land on this smart article taken from a pod cast (another smart article) that lays out the plan very well. Take the weekend to read this one over and do it. I did about 3 years ago and I can personally guarantee you that by prioritizing you’ll get more accomplished, feel better about yourself, sleep better, laugh much more, treat others better, and regain your vision of the future…the right one. “Go for it”  this weekend folks!

Prioritize your life.


Starts with you… Get healthy.

Get that B12 and get on with life!

Next time you get mad about something – smile… Try it! I’ve found that it’s foolishly difficult to stay mad when you’re smiling. We can say a lot of things about the economy, current state of the union, democrats, republicans, oil spills, obesity, or any other negative cause for our state of mind today but one thing is for sure. We’re the only ones who can change it. I always seem to go back to one when looking for change; Meaning changing ones self first – and in doing so leading others by example. You may not know it but your metaphysical health depends greatly upon your physical health. In other words you can’t dream of ways to make things right without being physically healthy! Let’s look at a whopper of a vitamin deficiency that might be contributing to your hay stack – B12. Avoiding Stress is of prime importance when attempting to maintain a healthy level of B12. Not only will the presence of stress deplete B12 stores but also its uptake. Other contributors are smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.  The most common neurological symptoms in low vitamin B12 are paraesthesia (numbness) of the hands and feet, diminished perception of vibration and position, absence of reflexes, and unsteady gait and balance – the range of symptoms is broad. Pain (perceived as bone pain) as well as reduced concentration, depression, and anxiety issues may accompany the lack of B12. Smoking, high alcohol consumption and many prescription drugs may also reduce B12.

Infants of vegetarian/vegan mothers are in danger of vitamin B12 deficiency, even though their mothers may not have B12 malabsorption illness and may not show any deficiency symptoms. This is because of the relatively high need for B12 in a rapidly growing child. One does not have to be a Vegetarian or Vegan to have a vitamin B12 deficiency of course; the symptoms vary from one body type to another. But the lack of red meat, shell fish, and other non-vegetarian foods containing B12 may contribute to low levels. Two basic categories of B12 deficiency symptoms are recognized today; Nerve related and blood related. The symptoms and possible negative effects are extensive so best to be safe than sorry. Continue reading Starts with you… Get healthy.


Mornings with Sammy…


Ahhh, the smell of coffee brewing, salty ocean air, and baby…what? That’s right; I just spent an amazing week vacation on the Outer Banks with the ocean, seven brilliantly lit starry nights, and my really cool niece “Sammy”. Well there were a few other folks there like my whole family but Sammy was the first face I saw each day when arriving in the kitchen. See, I rise pretty early on vacation to catch the morning surf with my son “Jake” before the wind picks up so there aren’t a lot of family members stirring around. The kitchen was on the 3rd floor (designer must have been asleep that day) so I made the climb each day to the top floor and just as I breached the top of the stairs the most wonderful site came into view. A smile… Sammy has a way of making every morning feel just like Christmas…even in August. Food smeared from ear to ear, bed head in full bloom, and that totally infectious morning grin that says; life is good! So hanging out with Sammy during breakfast was a vital part of my excellent vacation you see. As her mom (Cassie) was desperately chasing the mouth here and there and everywhere, I would coach and continue to cause trouble. This was purely for my own enjoyment of course but Sammy seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. So we did it everyday! When Sammy smiles the sun shines and everything is perfect. This is how I started each day of my summer vacation and so it is to Sammy that I owe the first hour of happiness on each day of our trip. I highly recommend picking up one of these for the whole family to enjoy! Thanks to Nick and Cassie we have a real keeper in our family. Thank you Sammy for a perfect vacation!




Hydration and Proper dress are huge factors in staying cool!

In August 2001, Tracey Jaurena, an athletic trainer in Coalinga, Calif., was working on a nearby football field when a friend called her cell phone number. The caller said Jaurena’s son Abe, 12, had collapsed during practice with his youth football league.

“When I got there, Abe’s face was blotchy and I kept calling his name, but he couldn’t answer me,” she says. Jaurena cooled Abe down until emergency workers arrived and he was treated for dehydration at the hospital. Jaurena believes Abe got sick because it was at least 95 F that day, the players were inappropriately dressed in full uniform, and Abe hadn’t had a water break in close to an hour. “It was also the third day of football practice and it’s important to acclimate athletes to the weather,” she says.

During heat illness, the body’s cooling system shuts down. Body temperature goes up, which inhibits the ability to sweat. Mild symptoms of heat exhaustion include thirst, fatigue, and cramps in the legs or abdomen. Left untreated, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke. Serious heat-related symptoms include dizziness, headaches, nausea, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, decreased alertness, and a temperature as high as 105 F or more. In severe cases, the liver, kidneys, and brain may be damaged. About 400 people die each year from heat exposure, according to the CDC.

The risk of heat illness goes up during exertion and sports and with certain health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Alcohol use also increases the risk. So do medications that slow sweat production such as antihistamines, tricyclic antidepressants, and diuretics used to treat water retention, high blood pressure, and some liver and kidney conditions.

People ages 65 and older and young children are especially vulnerable to heat illness. During the summer of 2003, at least 42 children in the United States died after being left in hot cars, according to Jan Null, a meteorologist in San Francisco who tracks heat-related deaths. Continue reading IT’S HOT!


MAGIC…is about to change your life!

Magic is about to change your life!
Magic is about to change your life!

Famous magicians like David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Harry Houdini, and Criss Angel make the seemingly impossible a tangible reality. It’s Magic…and we love it! It’s spectral yet magnetically attractive. We never know exactly what will happen but we’re feverishly excited about what could. It charges our veins with adrenaline and our minds with fantastic fantasies, images, and possibilities. So what about you? What’s your magic? Come on now; we all have a bit of magic brewing inside us! Continue reading MAGIC…is about to change your life!



Vitamin D is all around us!

It seems like we’re all a little brighter when the suns out…right? You bet, and here’s why; its metabolic product, calcitriol, is a secosteroid that impacts over 2000 of our body’s genes! It’s a strong factor in the pathology of, and therefore may help ward off at least 17 types of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, and…well that’s enough for me; yikes! It’s time to take notice folks; we NEED those summer rays! And for much more than a sexy tan! To compensate for lack of the “Big Yellow Guy” as in cases where we’re locked in cubicles all day or attempting to survive a winter like this one; we’d have to drink 50 glasses of milk per day or take up to 10 multi vitamins! Continue reading SUNNY SIDE UP!