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A low calorie high protein muffin that you can eat on the go… and stay lean!

Sunrise Sandies (Recipe makes 12 muffins)

Mix 1 & 1/3 cup Quaker Old Fashion Oats with 3 scoops of Plant Based Vega Sport Protein Powder (Vanilla). 

Add 2 & 1/3 -cups Silk Original Almond milk (skim milk, oat milk or milk can be used) and mix. 

Mix in 8 egg whites.  

Pour into a muffin tin that has been sprayed with Pam.  

This makes about12 muffins. The tins can be filled almost to the top.

Bake at 375 degrees until eggs set, about 25 mins.  

The time can range from 20 to 25 mins. depending on the 

size of the tin and the oven.

If desired, top and include calories for – Fresh blueberries or a half teaspoon of strawberry or raspberry Polaner’s All-fruit spread.

Statistics are per muffin when recipe yields 6 muffins: 

(the recipe works well doubled with slightly less milk about 1 3/4c)

Est. 95 cals per muffin

Protein-10 grams

Carbs.-9.25 grams

Fat–Less than 2

women eat up to 2 – men eat up to 4


Snow Cream!

We enjoy this seasonal snow treat, once maybe twice a year if we’re lucky! Hey… we live in Virginia :- )


To make 3-ingredient Vanilla Snow Cream, you’ll need:

8-12 cups of fresh, white, new-fallen snow (a cup here in North America is 8 oz.)
300 ml  can of sweetened condensed milk (10 ounces)
1 tsp vanilla
Large bowl
measuring cup
wooden spoon
freezer-proof container for storing your leftovers
ingredients for snow ice cream – snow, condensed milk and vanilla

Fill a huge salad bowl with fresh snow. Gather about 10-12 cups of snow. Very light and fluffy and impossible to pack.  Your snow might be heavier, and you may not need as much as I did. Don’t worry too much about being precise. You can always add more snow to your ice cream if need be.

Sprinkle a tsp of vanilla onto the snow.

Then drizzle half the condensed milk over top.

With the wooden spoon, fold the condensed milk and vanilla into the snow, kind of chopping, stirring and mixing to combine everything, mixing condensed milk and snow together.

Then we transfer the whole mixture back into the big bowl of remaining snow, and add the rest of the condensed milk as desired.  The condensed milk does not melt the snow, and make it watery.  It’s quite the opposite, actually.  The snow sort of freezes the condensed milk, making it thick and icy.

This is an updated version of the Brinn family Snow Cream recipe – This one is easier and makes for a chunkier bowl of snow cream! Courtesy of 


“She eats whatever she wants and stays thin as a rail!”

If you’ve ever said or thought this then you’ll find the information herein both helpful and enlightening. For those admirably disciplined women who’ve fallen victim to such an accusation mistakenly or otherwise…kudos for all you do! In this; the first of a three part blog series; we’ll explore the factors involved in getting and staying “thin as a rail” in the real world. Women are by far the most flattering to each other of all the clients I’ve trained in my career. To say that anyone eats whatever they want and stays in perfect shape is certainly a complement to their superior genetic code; kind of like a guy calling another guy “Superman”. But are they actually failing to recognize these women’s commitment to their diets, lifestyle disciplines, and knowledge of fitness? It’s true that some women metabolize calories slightly more efficiently than others, but implying that they can eat “anything they want” all the time and not gain a pound is not only ridiculous; it’s a little insulting. So what gives some the edge over others who seem to gain a pound by merely “thinking” about chocolate?

Continue reading “She eats whatever she wants and stays thin as a rail!”


Sneaky Calories…

Sneaky calories are everywhere…

“Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Seconds!” Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well, not anymore ridiculous than attempting to get buff on peanut butter sandwiches. But that‘s exactly what many hard working waist watchers are trying to accomplish. As a personal trainer and owner of BodyTek personal training club, I see lots of bodies and hear lots of crazy dieting schemes. Recently a good friend and I were having a discussion about the crazy claims that so many diets make. In fact about two thousand new fad diets a year are created and published. PLEASE! It takes only ten seconds to read the label on your favorite food. This is a simple and effective way to drop ten pounds fast! Understanding your calorie count Continue reading Sneaky Calories…


What are Essential Fatty Acids – Why are they so important?

Salmon is a great EFA source and easy to find!
Salmon is a great EFA source and easy to find!

Why are Essential Fatty Acids so important?
• EFAs act as “solvents” to remove hardened fat.
• Support Muscle Growth and Fat Metabolism.
• Play an important role in health, circulation and combating inflammation.
• Support fat burning, metabolic rate, and energy levels.

How? Continue reading What are Essential Fatty Acids – Why are they so important?


Lose the easy way! Know your proteins :-)

Choose wisely when picking proteins…less calories, more protein.

Watch out for Sneaky Calories! Just a glance at the label will fool almost anyone. At closer inspection those “feel good” foods like peanut butter, and cheese are loaded down with unwanted calories just waiting to set up camp on your hips. You may be trying to get your vital proteins from foods that are too high in calories. Here’s a simple solution. For female waist watchers a clean serving of protein (approx.18g) should be 100 calories or less. For males a clean serving of protein (approx.30g) should be 200 calories or less. That same serving of protein from peanut butter is packing 475 calories for girls and 855 calories for my guys. Good-bye buff body or hello sexy…your choice. Look for lots of new Info from this spot, make sure to RSS and get the inside scoop for living the life!