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Starts with you… Get healthy.

Get that B12 and get on with life!

Next time you get mad about something – smile… Try it! I’ve found that it’s foolishly difficult to stay mad when you’re smiling. We can say a lot of things about the economy, current state of the union, democrats, republicans, oil spills, obesity, or any other negative cause for our state of mind today but one thing is for sure. We’re the only ones who can change it. I always seem to go back to one when looking for change; Meaning changing ones self first – and in doing so leading others by example. You may not know it but your metaphysical health depends greatly upon your physical health. In other words you can’t dream of ways to make things right without being physically healthy! Let’s look at a whopper of a vitamin deficiency that might be contributing to your hay stack – B12. Avoiding Stress is of prime importance when attempting to maintain a healthy level of B12. Not only will the presence of stress deplete B12 stores but also its uptake. Other contributors are smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.  The most common neurological symptoms in low vitamin B12 are paraesthesia (numbness) of the hands and feet, diminished perception of vibration and position, absence of reflexes, and unsteady gait and balance – the range of symptoms is broad. Pain (perceived as bone pain) as well as reduced concentration, depression, and anxiety issues may accompany the lack of B12. Smoking, high alcohol consumption and many prescription drugs may also reduce B12.

Infants of vegetarian/vegan mothers are in danger of vitamin B12 deficiency, even though their mothers may not have B12 malabsorption illness and may not show any deficiency symptoms. This is because of the relatively high need for B12 in a rapidly growing child. One does not have to be a Vegetarian or Vegan to have a vitamin B12 deficiency of course; the symptoms vary from one body type to another. But the lack of red meat, shell fish, and other non-vegetarian foods containing B12 may contribute to low levels. Two basic categories of B12 deficiency symptoms are recognized today; Nerve related and blood related. The symptoms and possible negative effects are extensive so best to be safe than sorry. Continue reading Starts with you… Get healthy.



Hydration and Proper dress are huge factors in staying cool!

In August 2001, Tracey Jaurena, an athletic trainer in Coalinga, Calif., was working on a nearby football field when a friend called her cell phone number. The caller said Jaurena’s son Abe, 12, had collapsed during practice with his youth football league.

“When I got there, Abe’s face was blotchy and I kept calling his name, but he couldn’t answer me,” she says. Jaurena cooled Abe down until emergency workers arrived and he was treated for dehydration at the hospital. Jaurena believes Abe got sick because it was at least 95 F that day, the players were inappropriately dressed in full uniform, and Abe hadn’t had a water break in close to an hour. “It was also the third day of football practice and it’s important to acclimate athletes to the weather,” she says.

During heat illness, the body’s cooling system shuts down. Body temperature goes up, which inhibits the ability to sweat. Mild symptoms of heat exhaustion include thirst, fatigue, and cramps in the legs or abdomen. Left untreated, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke. Serious heat-related symptoms include dizziness, headaches, nausea, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, decreased alertness, and a temperature as high as 105 F or more. In severe cases, the liver, kidneys, and brain may be damaged. About 400 people die each year from heat exposure, according to the CDC.

The risk of heat illness goes up during exertion and sports and with certain health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Alcohol use also increases the risk. So do medications that slow sweat production such as antihistamines, tricyclic antidepressants, and diuretics used to treat water retention, high blood pressure, and some liver and kidney conditions.

People ages 65 and older and young children are especially vulnerable to heat illness. During the summer of 2003, at least 42 children in the United States died after being left in hot cars, according to Jan Null, a meteorologist in San Francisco who tracks heat-related deaths. Continue reading IT’S HOT!


JUST SAY NO…Live longer, stronger, lighter!

Healthy and free through smart diet and exercise

Sodium Chloride (salt) through its adverse effect on our bodies PH can cause us to lose valuable net calcium contributing to the development of osteoporosis, renal stones, loss of skeletal muscle mass, and age related renal insufficiency (bladder control) later in life. Heavy salt intake inverts the potassium to sodium ratio effecting cardiovascular function adversely and contributes to hypertension and stroke as well. Excess sodium builds up in the body’s fluids (blood and lymph) causing the kidneys to work overtime to excrete it. This build up of fluid not only increases bodyweight but contributes to increased blood pressure. To avoid sodium chloride related issues simply restrict your salt levels to 1400-1800 milligrams per day. This means avoiding most processed foods, almost all fast foods, and of course; tossing the salt shaker. If it sounds worth it…it is, Morefit.


BURN Fat with Fat? Great News for Dieters!

The current trend: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It’s no secret that EFA’s (essential fatty acids) are important to your body for health reasons but I’m not convinced that folks are giving them all the credit that they deserve so lets take a closer look by examining the current trend. Extra Virgin Coconut oil is not actually an EFA or omega 3 but it acts in much the same way. It’s a medium chain fatty acid which contains lauric and capric short and medium chain fatty acids. These have many benefits including good fuel for your body that reduces carb cravings much like other fatty acids (olive oil, nuts, and fish oil). Continue reading BURN Fat with Fat? Great News for Dieters!


Burn fat, not cash!


I can’t help it! I get steamed every time I see a commercial, tweet, magazine ad, or even hear someone talking up a “Fat Burner” product. Fat burning; besides abs training, is the most befuddling area of fitness  for most enthusiasts. From their first day in the gym; their on a quest for the magic pill; spending fists full of cash for pathetic placebos that claim to burn off the fat in days, hours, even minutes! Latest news is the most popular of all these products, “Hydroxycut” has been pulled from the shelves for causing severe liver damage! One consumer has died! Please people; get smart and use what God gave you. It’s all you’ll ever need to get the fat off and it’s FREE! There’s only one way to burn calories and that’s through oxygen exchange, otherwise known as breathing; it’s that simple! Activity folks! Due to its heavy load of life supporting duties; like cellular function, storing energy, and the breaking down of Addenosine triphosphate (ATP) during activity; your body must circulate oxygen; creating calorie expenditure! What’s even more fantastic is that weight training will burn up to 35% more calories than your standard breathing exercises like treadmill or bike workouts! Here’s why. The peaks in intensity throughout your resistance training cause your heart to pump much larger volumes of blood and oxygen to the muscles than is typically needed for cardiovascular training and this requires you to breathe more intensely than you would on your treadmill or bike thus; more calories are burned. Ok; now here’s the “Secret Weapon” for beating down the scale. Because muscle burns calories 3-4 times more effectively than fat and you’re building muscle every workout…you’re burning fat 24 hours a day! That’s right, even while you sleep! Muscle burns those fat calories while you’re sleeping just like your heavy breathing does during your daily workout. In fact; while you sleep your body does the major portion of its calorie processing. So the harder you work to build that muscle during the day; the harder it will work for you over night! Ever wonder why you weigh less in the morning? You’re essentially empty when you wake up because your muscles along with all your other bodily functions have metabolized the previous day’s calories. Now this all makes perfect sense and works exceptionally well as long as protein is present in your diet. Proteins are the building blocks for muscle and without proper levels; the body will simply steal from itself (cannibalize) for replenishment. Result; no results! Yeah, and that’s pretty discouraging when your working out 3-5 days per week expecting to see something great happen. Protein’s essential for success and it’s sometimes impossible to find on the run. That’s why protein supplements are an invaluable resource! Protein is the only supplement that I recommend to every client. Here’s the protein story in short; most of us can process about 16- 25 grams per meal. Women need a little less (16-18g) and men need a bit more (18-25g). Bottom line; you’re not getting the results that you deserve if your not supplementing your cardiovascular workouts with weight training 2-3 times per week and fortifying your diet with protein. You’re robbing yourself of the most valuable calorie burning agent in your body; muscle! A smart effective fitness program always contains both strength and cardiovascular training to achieve maximum results. What is it that you really want to burn; fat or cash? Breathe it in folks…it’s free!

                                         Stick with it, Lee