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Bodytek Taco Salad

Taco Salad Ground TurkeyHard to beat this little BT Taco treat. Super low in cals and tastes amazing. Enjoy for a light lunch or dinner entree!


1 lb. ground turkey breast

Shoe peg corn 1 can

Black beans 1 can

1 pkg. taco seasoning original



Brown ground turkey and add taco seasoning and Continue reading Bodytek Taco Salad


Coach’s Eat-Right Travel Pack

Take it along and stay strong:

Pouches of tuna – white albacore in water
Protein shakes – 20-25 g protein Muscle Milk ready to drink (chocolate, vanilla, your favorite)
Deli turkey

Fresh fruit – grapes, apples, pears, raspberries, tangerines & strawberries – easy
Whole wheat pita bread
Instant oatmeal – “Quick Oats”
Sugarless gum – for when you’re hungry and you can’t get to your food. Continue reading Coach’s Eat-Right Travel Pack


Bangin Burgers ~ Big taste… Lil waist!

BANGIN’ BURGERS                                                                                                  Keeping it simple doesn’t mean it has to be dull. 

Prep. Time:  20 mins. + Cook Time:  10 mins.

bangin' burger3

 1.3 lbs.Ground turkey breast

1 (15.25 oz) can of black beans

(a low sodium brand is best)

2.5 T Jalapeno slices

(makes a medium hot burger)

½ a medium red or sweet onion

¾ any color bell pepper

½ c panko

1 egg white Continue reading Bangin Burgers ~ Big taste… Lil waist!


If it scares you…do it!

Bodytek Personal training

The content here will improve any career, relationship, hobby, sport, challenge, or adventure that you apply it to. By overcoming our fears we free ourselves to be and do anything, no matter how fantastic it seems. Achieving the goals we fear may bring us results in true personal growth, willpower, and strength that lasts a lifetime. Thank you “Bud Bilanich” for laying it down so clearly, Lee

If you want to become self confident, you need to do three things:
1) become an optimist;
2) face your fears and deal with them; and
3) surround yourself with positive people.
Today, I’d like to focus on fear — that uncomfortable feeling that prevents you from taking the action necessary to get what you want in life.

What scares you? What have you done to overcome this fear?

Continue reading If it scares you…do it!


The Ab-Solute Truth

The Ab-Solute Truth

Lee Brinn  – 4 weeks out from comp 2009

Everybody would like great looking abs. But with so many different opinions regarding how to get them, who knows what to do?  I think its a good time for a detailed review of the abdominal training fundamentals. Here’s what you need to know:
It’s all one muscle*
There has long been a misconception that there are “upper” and “lower” abs, but in fact your abdominals are one long, flat sheet of muscle that runs from the bottom of the breastbone to the top of the pelvis. You work the whole muscle with virtually any abdominal exercise you do. Reverse crunches are no more effective for working the lower fibers of the abdominal wall than standard crunches. If you want to get more of those lower fibers working, concentrate on Continue reading The Ab-Solute Truth


10 musts for building muscle…

Train smart for bigger, faster muscle gains.
Train smart for bigger, faster muscle gains.

It’s not always about working harder; but working smarter that get’s the best results.

1) Adaptation & Progression – Everything pretty much boils down to this principle. Muscle growth is a function of your body adapting to stress, and it only continues to adapt (grow) as long as their’s progression, or an increase in intensity/load.

2) Intensity & Frequency – Tied to the concept of progression, intensity measures the amount of effort put forth in a given period of time. Frequency is how often you train, and its surprising how many magazines and “so-called” experts get this concept wrong.

3) Optimal Warm-up & Stretching – Often ignored by most weight-trainees, the proper warm-up can increase strength, minimize injury, and enhance overall results. The facts about stretching have changed over the years, but many people are still applying old-school principles. Stretching is absolutely critical to your success.

4) Duration & Volume – How long should you train for? Continue reading 10 musts for building muscle…