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“She eats whatever she wants and stays thin as a rail!”

If you’ve ever said or thought this then you’ll find the information herein both helpful and enlightening. For those admirably disciplined women who’ve fallen victim to such an accusation mistakenly or otherwise…kudos for all you do! In this; the first of a three part blog series; we’ll explore the factors involved in getting and staying “thin as a rail” in the real world. Women are by far the most flattering to each other of all the clients I’ve trained in my career. To say that anyone eats whatever they want and stays in perfect shape is certainly a complement to their superior genetic code; kind of like a guy calling another guy “Superman”. But are they actually failing to recognize these women’s commitment to their diets, lifestyle disciplines, and knowledge of fitness? It’s true that some women metabolize calories slightly more efficiently than others, but implying that they can eat “anything they want” all the time and not gain a pound is not only ridiculous; it’s a little insulting. So what gives some the edge over others who seem to gain a pound by merely “thinking” about chocolate?

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Freemies! Learning to take time for you.

Take time out for you

OMG I’m killing you right? But please, how long have you been generously donating your free time? Just a little for yourself…maybe? Let’s talk about being successful at anything: It takes time and you’ll have to make that yourself. Knowing you need “Me Time” is the first step. That one’s easy! Next; if you’re hoping they’ll notice that you’re about to jump; forget it. Not even a Spock mind meld will crack the casing on those skulls ladies. They (family, work, and friends) may not have even noticed that Wonder Woman is out of options and ready to snap! So, we’ll begin by choosing some “Freemees” for your free time. What are Freemees? Fun things you’d love to do with an extra hour a day. Confidence abounds once you’ve defined your purpose. Plus, a solid plan of attack says I mean business! Most times they’ll surrender without a fight. Don’t give up if they challenge however, remember they’re spoiled and it may take them a minute or two to adjust; meaning a week to a month. Just stand fast and carry out your decree. “Take a deep breath and go for it! Hey guys, I’ll be taking some time for myself from now on”, smile and walk away. That’s all they need to know for now. Wonderful! Now let’s talk about what free time is? Yeah what is that anyway? It’s FREE; not for anything in particular so don’t start earmarking it with one of your hobbies or else we’re back where we started. Give your self 1 hour per day; yes you can. I began making changes in my daily routine at 28 yrs old and it’s just that easy. I was running my business (actually it was running me) and was tired as a dog all of the time. One year I had pneumonia two times. Ok, that’s a sign! My friend was always preaching about naps so I lay down; forced my eyes shut for the first time in my adult life, and called it “my time”. Amazing! I felt like Hercules in just a couple weeks! And today; 24 years later my naps are still a selfish luxury. No longer free time; they are cemented in my daily schedule. Now my free time is spent chatting with friends over coffee, petting my neighbor’s dogs (four of them so it takes a while) or whatever, but I don’t use that time for work or give it to anyone. It’s mine. I’m a much happier person for it and much more productive too. Free time should be just that; free. So what’s stopping you? Just you… so make a list and get on with your plans for self improvement and happier days. Don’t you deserve it by now?

My top 10 “Freemees” list, see anything you like?

  1. Go surfing with my son
  2. Play guitar
  3. Listen to my son play piano
  4. Journal
  5. Coffee with friends
  6. Pet the neighbor’s dogs
  7. Take a stroll around the yard watching my sprinkler system
  8. Silently watch the sunset or sunrise with my wife
  9. Listen to my son play the piano more
  10. Read something other than business related material

Lee Brinn – Bodytek Personal Training


4 most important fitness facts for weight loss success…

Feet on a bathroom scale - Isolated

Goals lead to Greatness: This fact is one often agreed on but seldom taken seriously when laying down the foundation for success. It’s the simple most powerful component for achieving success and should be thought out, weighed, measured and then given a deadline date of completion. Assure success by setting Goals!

Timing your Cardio for best results:  You can’t seem to get those last few pounds off? Put your cardio in the smartest place within your day in order to burn fat. First thing in the morning before your first meal when there is little or no calories to burn and this will force the body to burn its fat stores. Separate your resistance workouts from cardio workouts (3 hours or more) or make sure to limit your total resistance / cardio workout combo time to 1-2 hours so that you don’t miss meals. You’ll not only get the best results from the mornings cardio but also see a significant increase in your muscle development by keeping your recovery meals on time!

60% of your fitness results come from nutrition.

Thanks to this unavoidable fitness fact, those meal plans work! Stick with it!

More Melatonin, More Muscle… Less fat:


BodyTek Personal Training LogoMelatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the body by the pineal gland found in the brain. It correlates with sunlight and darkness making us sleepy towards the end of our day. This wonderful little chemical gives us the needed time to build muscle and utilize our daily caloric intake. Our muscle manufacturing plant works while we sleep burning those unwanted empty calories so remember lights out, get your 8 hours of sleep per night, and let your Melatonin do its job.



BodyTek Chili is just one of many smart recipes that are easy to make.

The tongue has 2,250,000 taste buds! All of them can’t be totally resistant to change…That’s right you may actually be depriving some of your tastes buds the pleasure of foods they REALLY like! It seems like we never completely get past that “I hate spinach” mentality from our childhood unless we have no choice. Well I hope none of us is stranded on a desert island with only leaves and grubs anytime soon but I’m challenging you to grow up and try some new stuff guys.  I mean we’re not exactly kids anymore and we’ve all learned that there are many things in life we must do to better ourselves…even ones that stink. Drinking water instead of soda will improve your fat metabolism within 3 days and is about 90% responsible for your energy level. Eating fish instead of hamburger cuts our saturated fat by another 90% and supplies our body with at least twice the quality protein per serving. A ½ cup serving of brown rice (109) has 1/4 the calories of a medium Wendy’s fries (380) and only .9 grams of fat (not the saturated kind either) instead of 19 grams including 4 saturated. These are easy fixes folks. Your tasted buds generally take 14 days to identify and approve the new flavor…14 days. For years now I’ve been requesting my clients stick to their regimented plans for a minimum of 14 days before even a taste of anything else. After a two week hiatus the taste buds are ready to have any new flavor as a guest and will most likely keep it around forever. It’s that simple. Simply deny them the usual and replace it with something new that’s calorie smart. That means carbohydrate foods with less than 10 grams of fat, around 15 – 23 carbs, and less than 6 sugars per serving. DON”T GIVE IN!  3 days is not a celebratory number, 14 day’s is. You have my promise that you’ll like the new food well enough within 14 days to keep eating it, plus see a really sweet change in your body! Once you’ve made the first change then go for another. Baby steps my friends but they’re much better than sitting still. Read the label and see what you’re eating before you eat it. You’ll be proud of yourself for taking the initiative and happy with the results.

                                          Stick with it, Coach


BURN Fat with Fat? Great News for Dieters!

The current trend: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It’s no secret that EFA’s (essential fatty acids) are important to your body for health reasons but I’m not convinced that folks are giving them all the credit that they deserve so lets take a closer look by examining the current trend. Extra Virgin Coconut oil is not actually an EFA or omega 3 but it acts in much the same way. It’s a medium chain fatty acid which contains lauric and capric short and medium chain fatty acids. These have many benefits including good fuel for your body that reduces carb cravings much like other fatty acids (olive oil, nuts, and fish oil). Continue reading BURN Fat with Fat? Great News for Dieters!