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Top 5 reasons for being out of shape after 50…

and 5 honest solutions

So who wants to keep looking good, feeling good, and kicking @$%&! after 50? I don’t mean walks in the neighborhood, going fishing or a round of golf. That’s good too, but I’m talking about having a strong, lean, healthy physique with the energy and drive to live an exciting, active, spontaneous life. A lean, mean, 50’s machine! Want it? It’s yours for the taking. First thing to do is put on your thick skin, this could sting a little. 

Only about 22% of all Americans are getting the minimum amounts of exercise required to be fit, which according to the national guidelines, is about 3 hrs of moderate cardio and 2 strength training workouts per week. That leaves 78% that are doing nothing, pretty sad. If that’s you stay with me, we’ll work on it. If you’re in shape over 50, you’ve either thought one of these, heard it from someone else, or both… bask in your victory! 

As a personal trainer for over 20 years, I’ve heard every funny, sad, and ridiculous justification for not getting fit and they all have one thing in common, they all say “don’t” instead of “do”. The over 50 crowd is especially resigned to their complacency, ironically they need fitness the most! 

Here are a few you may recognize.

#1: “My life is too busy, I don’t have time to workout” 

#2: “I don’t know what to do, nothing works” 

#3: “I don’t like being sore”

#4: “I don’t have to, I’m happy the way I am” …Sure?

#5: “I don’t have a metabolism, it won’t help” 

Sound familiar? That’s the sound of life passing you by… 

Solution #1: According to a Nielsen report, US adults watch 4.5 hours of TV per day. You don’t have time.. Priorities folks. Ok, I admit there are plenty of other factors that make up a busy life but I’ve found that simply leaving your cell phone in another room can give you an uninterrupted, social media silent hour per day. Also, 26% of all Americans get up between 6:30-7:30 while only 8% get up at 5am. Get up earlier… the early bird gets the worm or in this case the body. Early morning is the absolute best meal prep and workout time because knowone knows you’re awake! 

Solution #2: Could you build your own house, remodel your kitchen, install a pool, or make your own clothes without a few years of experience, the proper tools and time? Nope, couldn’t happen, so don’t expect to build your body without the same arsenal. It’s much more complex than any of these other tasks and it’s going to take longer. Bottom line, you haven’t tried everything, just the simplest thing. Get real help from a pro. Put in the effort and time, you love the result.  

Solution #3: Soreness is a pretty good sign that you’re alive so let’s show some appreciation for this one. It’s also most often associated with stretching and we need our flexibility more than ever after 50 to avoid injuries from unexpected movements. Truth is, you only get really sore when you skip workouts or try something totally new so it’s not all that often that we suffer for the benefit of being fit. Get used to it, living hurts sometimes. 

Solution #4: Yes, happiness is a state of mind, and if you’re truly happy, awesome! However, for those who might have settled for just acting happy, here are some tantalizing facts. Happy is dramatically affected by stress and we all experience that daily, making us unhappy quite a bit. The typical go-tos for relief are comfort food, television/YouTube, smoking cigarettes or mayjuanna, alcohol and drugs (prescription or non). None of these will fix the problem, they only act as a bandaid short term.  If you’re down, work it out! Exercise mimics the effects of antidepressants in the brain and actually makes you feel happy! When you reach the point of physical stress from exercise, your brain releases the protein BDNF, this reset switch eases your mind and clears your thinking. At the same time, endorphins provide a natural pain reliever that is sometimes associated with a feeling of euphoria. Physically fighting back also gives us a sense of accomplishment and elevates our self esteem. This not only makes us feel empowered, but as a result… happier. 

Solution #5: Men and women burn just 400 calories less after 50 than they did at 25. Well, that’s not it so what is it? Lifestyle change. We were always on the move at 25 and now… well now we aren’t. One 45-50 minute cardio workout per day burns 425-500 calories… that’s one way to reclaim that 400 calories. Oh, one double cheeseburger from McDonald’s is 500 calories give or take. Cut it, there’s another fix. The list is long… call me for full disclosure 🙂 

Get it done, early morning or night you pick it

Stop making excuses, try working out instead. How about this for a change:

  • I do want to make time for workouts.
  • I do want to learn about fitness.
  • I do want strength so bring the soreness!
  • I do want to be the happiest me.
  • I do want to rev up my metabolism and get fit.

I can assure you that being lean, tough, and fit after 50 is a great feeling. I’d say it’s even better than when you were 25, because you finally appreciate it 🙂 Try it, let me know how it makes you feel to accomplish a physical goal in a set amount of time. Feel free to reach out with any questions, I’ll do my best to help. 

Life is good, don’t waste it… 

Coach ~ Bodytek PT


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Long Live Obsession!

Lee and Jake Brinn Surf obsessionistsI once had a client say to me: “Lee, you must admit…you’re a little over the top” and I said “Well I’m just as obsessed with getting you to your dream as I am with living mine if that makes you feel any better”.
I’ve found that when our focus is precisely directed at the one thing that we want; we get it! If you’re completely consumed by it then you become it! Oh, you may appear slightly insane at times or “a bit over the top” but who cares! I can tell you with certainty that most onlookers secretly wish they were as committed as you and someday will ask “How do you do it?” Life’s crossing guards with their good intentions beg us to choose safe routes, social acceptance, and paths free of danger. However by doing so, we get side tracked with tasks that keep us busy as bees but fail to provide true fulfillment in our lives. Every treasure in my life was challenging to attain and keep. I sincerely believe that the reward is equal to the effort. Still we unceasingly feel we’ve worked hard enough…when we’ve almost done so. As a tadpole struggling to catch my first wave I was treated to a profound bit of advice by a 19 year old wise man & surfer. As he paddled up alongside me he said;

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Fit (back, Chest, Arms, Balance)

Big sets. Use weights that are appropriate for quality repetitions.

Station 1

Jump Rope x 2 min. or Bike med-high intensity 2 min.

Close grip lat pull x 10

Bent over Barbell or single arm Dumbbell Rows  Continue reading Fit (back, Chest, Arms, Balance)


M.I.B (Mission Impossible)

  1. Chin-ups x 3-6 or reverse bench press (modified pull-ups)
  2. Toe Touch x 25 (sitting on your sit-bones with feet in the air knees bent slightly) 
  3. Squat Thrusts (Touch floor with hands on squat) x 20
  4. Burpees with Jump x 5
  5. Bench Dips x 20
  6. Toe Touch x 15
  7. Squat Thrusts x 15
  8. Pushups x 10 (full 90 degrees elbows)
  9. Toe Touch x 25
  10. Squat Thrusts x 20
  11. Jumping Lunges x 20 ea.
  12. Chins x 3-6 or reverse bench press (modified pull-ups)
  13. Toe Touch x 10
  14. Squat Thrusts x 10
  15. Pogo over Versa Bar x 60 sec
  16. High Knees x 60 sec (knees up to waist)
  17. Squat Thrust Touch floor x 15

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“She eats whatever she wants and stays thin as a rail!”

If you’ve ever said or thought this then you’ll find the information herein both helpful and enlightening. For those admirably disciplined women who’ve fallen victim to such an accusation mistakenly or otherwise…kudos for all you do! In this; the first of a three part blog series; we’ll explore the factors involved in getting and staying “thin as a rail” in the real world. Women are by far the most flattering to each other of all the clients I’ve trained in my career. To say that anyone eats whatever they want and stays in perfect shape is certainly a complement to their superior genetic code; kind of like a guy calling another guy “Superman”. But are they actually failing to recognize these women’s commitment to their diets, lifestyle disciplines, and knowledge of fitness? It’s true that some women metabolize calories slightly more efficiently than others, but implying that they can eat “anything they want” all the time and not gain a pound is not only ridiculous; it’s a little insulting. So what gives some the edge over others who seem to gain a pound by merely “thinking” about chocolate?

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If it scares you…do it!

Bodytek Personal training

The content here will improve any career, relationship, hobby, sport, challenge, or adventure that you apply it to. By overcoming our fears we free ourselves to be and do anything, no matter how fantastic it seems. Achieving the goals we fear may bring us results in true personal growth, willpower, and strength that lasts a lifetime. Thank you “Bud Bilanich” for laying it down so clearly, Lee

If you want to become self confident, you need to do three things:
1) become an optimist;
2) face your fears and deal with them; and
3) surround yourself with positive people.
Today, I’d like to focus on fear — that uncomfortable feeling that prevents you from taking the action necessary to get what you want in life.

What scares you? What have you done to overcome this fear?

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