Crazy career schedules and family obligations sometimes make it impossible to commit to a specific time two or more days per week with a personal trainer, particularly ones who are in demand. They’re experience brings results to their clients and keeps their live schedule full. By offering virtual coaching through their fitness app both problems are solved! Experienced trainers know how to create successful virtual programs with individual workouts and meal suggestions that get great results yet cost much less. The cost for an onsite trainer may or may not be in your budget, virtual training could be a perfect fit. Some virtual trainers cost $500 per month if you’re doing 2-3 sessions a week. An online trainer can also cost anywhere from $100-$300. When choosing, It all comes down to your expectations, budget, and whether or not they’re the right fit for you. Why Virtual Coach? A great trainer is going to give you the results you want in person or virtually, they’re good like that.

BT Virtual Coach’s initial 3 month package is designed to establish your fitness baseline and teach proper form for all exercises while introducing intensity levels and workflow. 


  1. Three live sessions with your coach. These first three sessions can be done in the BT facility or virtually anywhere using Facetime or an Android equivalent. 
  1. Your coach will invite you to join the BT Virtual Coach App to complete your entry form and familiarize yourself with the program. 
  1. It’s time to begin training! By using the BT App you can train anywhere! Home, your local gym, or outdoors, depending on your goals. Your coach will design workouts to fit each stage of your fitness journey and provide helpful daily support. 

Your coach may require a virtual checkup session with you along your journey using Facetime or Android equivalent. This will help keep you and your coach tuned in to each other’s expectations and future goals. There is no additional charge for this checkup when it is requested by your coach.  


Detailed meal suggestions that work for each 20+lbs of loss or gain as needed with monitoring done via the BT Virtual Coach App & BodyTek on-line food journal. 


BodyTek’s tried and true food exchange system provides variety and knowledge as you progress. Build your body and your mindfulness of nutrition at the same time! 


Workouts start at Beginner Level 1 and increase in skill and intensity as you progress to the Advanced levels. Each workout has multiple exercises within it to provide you with a variety of strength building options that will push you when needed and provide you with rest periods when the time is right. 

Bodytek Virtual Coach is backed by over 30 years of personal experience and all the tools you need to become stronger, leaner, more cardiovascularly fit. Become fit and knowledgeable for life! 

Bodytek Personal Training