Coach’s Eat-Right Travel Pack

Take it along and stay strong:

Pouches of tuna – white albacore in water
Protein shakes – 20-25 g protein Muscle Milk ready to drink (chocolate, vanilla, your favorite)
Deli turkey

Fresh fruit – grapes, apples, pears, raspberries, tangerines & strawberries – easy
Whole wheat pita bread
Instant oatmeal – “Quick Oats”
Sugarless gum – for when you’re hungry and you can’t get to your food.

Vacationing girl on the beach at sunriseBottled water in 16.9oz containers 

With these items along for the ride you have instant 1 minute meals!

  1. Pita stuffed with turkey.
  2. Pita stuffed with tuna.
  3. Tuna and a serving of fruit.
  4. Protein shake and a serving of fruit.
  5. Protein shake and piece of whole wheat pita.
  6. Any of these Proteins and instant oatmeal mixed with water!

Other supplies you may need: Mustard… toss that mayo!

small cooler bag
plastic forks

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