Typical fails that slow down or stop fat loss are easy for anyone to fix. Make sure to go over this checklist daily to insure each one has been properly executed. Josh Vogan – Successful BT Virtual Coach Client Has Achieved Great Results By Following These Simple Guidelines.

  • 7 hrs. or more of quality sleep 
  • Weigh-in first thing each AM after your bathroom visit so that you are “completely” empty (don’t drink or eat anything prior to weigh-in)
  • All meals consumed on time daily according to your map/plan
  • All meals are exact amounts daily as listed on your map
  • No condiments of any kind on meals unless listed on your map
  • No snacks or extras of any kind, regardless how small or insignificant they may seem
  • Sodium must be as prescribed (approved by Coach)
  • Additional physical activity is great but should be first approved by Coach
  • Maintain lowest possible stress levels during the day (as best you can), stress causes water retention among other nasty side effects. 
  • Water consumption completed by 5-6pm
  • All meals must be completed by 5-6pm
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