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The tongue has 2,250,000 taste buds! All of them can’t be totally resistant to change…That’s right you may actually be depriving some of your tastes buds the pleasure of foods they REALLY like! It seems like we never completely get past that “I hate spinach” mentality from our childhood unless we have no choice. Well I hope none of us is stranded on a desert island with only leaves and grubs anytime soon but I’m challenging you to grow up and try some new stuff guys.  I mean we’re not exactly kids anymore and we’ve all learned that there are many things in life we must do to better ourselves…even ones that stink. Drinking water instead of soda will improve your fat metabolism within 3 days and is about 90% responsible for your energy level. Eating fish instead of hamburger cuts our saturated fat by another 90% and supplies our body with at least twice the quality protein per serving. A ½ cup serving of brown rice (109) has 1/4 the calories of a medium Wendy’s fries (380) and only .9 grams of fat (not the saturated kind either) instead of 19 grams including 4 saturated. These are easy fixes folks. Your tasted buds generally take 14 days to identify and approve the new flavor…14 days. For years now I’ve been requesting my clients stick to their regimented plans for a minimum of 14 days before even a taste of anything else. After a two week hiatus the taste buds are ready to have any new flavor as a guest and will most likely keep it around forever. It’s that simple. Simply deny them the usual and replace it with something new that’s calorie smart. That means carbohydrate foods with less than 10 grams of fat, around 15 – 23 carbs, and less than 6 sugars per serving. DON”T GIVE IN!  3 days is not a celebratory number, 14 day’s is. You have my promise that you’ll like the new food well enough within 14 days to keep eating it, plus see a really sweet change in your body! Once you’ve made the first change then go for another. Baby steps my friends but they’re much better than sitting still. Read the label and see what you’re eating before you eat it. You’ll be proud of yourself for taking the initiative and happy with the results.

                                          Stick with it, Coach

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