ELITES ATHLETIC TRAINING PROGRAM is a safe athletic based program that teaches technique, strength, flexibility, and agility while practicing integrity, honesty, discipline, and toughness.

At fourteen I learned much about hard work, self respect, respect for others, and perseverance while training in a small, sometimes crowded old building Downtown. After high school I moved away but never forgot the lessons I had learned in my gym. There is still a place like that where athletes can learn how to train smart, train hard, workout with purpose, face challenges, and be their best while respecting others. It’s here at Bodytek in the Elite Athletic Training Program.

An athlete’s work ethic and attitude are the things most respected by other team members and coaches. They are the necessary tools for success. Elites are always respectful of others and learn the value of hard work, encouragement, education, and consistency over time.

Tough workouts and a healthy positive attitude are what we provide to help each ELITE reach their own full potential. This is a competitive atmosphere where challenges and contests are encouraged. The competitive spirit is alive here and when the opportunity presents itself, athletes are encouraged to go beyond their limits.

Entry Process

Each athlete is given a physical assessment when joining the Elites. They are required to perform 6 physical tests upon entering the program to display the minimum standard of fitness required to ensure a comfortable level of success for both athlete and trainer. These tests are based in part on the presidential standards of fitness and the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines. They are also used to monitor future progress. Each athlete’s mental awareness, attitude, and drive are noted at this time as well. It’s important that your child feels confident about their involvement in the Elites, as it will be tough and demanding at times. Elites will learn about nutrition and will be asked to make smart choices that will increase their health and athleticism. When needed a meal plan of smart suggestions can be provided.

Elites will learn proper sport specific training techniques and how to use advanced training equipment and gear. Quickness, agility, balance, and endurance are among the conditioning elements included in every Elites workout.


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