Fit (back, Chest, Arms, Balance)

Big sets. Use weights that are appropriate for quality repetitions.

Station 1

Jump Rope x 2 min. or Bike med-high intensity 2 min.

Close grip lat pull x 10

Bent over Barbell or single arm Dumbbell Rows 

Station 2

Wide leg seated military dumbbell press x 20 (siting on floor with legs wide)

Standing bent arm dumbbell side laterals x 10 ea. (using light bells)

Flat barbell press x 20, 15, 10 (light weight)

Station 3

Standing (med weight band) biceps curls x 20

Band Kick backs x 15 (light)

Jump Rope x 1 min.

Abs (crunches x 25)

Knee-raise leg-lift x 20-25 >side planks x 20 sec ea.


This is only a suggested workout and has not been approved by Bodytek/BTPT for general use. It is meant to be executed by fit athletes with excellent cardiovascular conditioning that have been cleared to workout strenuously by a doctor. Have questions? Contact Bodytek Personal Training/BTPT

Bodytek Personal Training with resistance training stations. Use weights in a range that is appropriate for your fitness level and increase your weights as your reserve levels increase. Fitness is a lifestyle, it’s forever. Develop a sustainable, consistent program to get the best results.

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