Give Thanks, Get Rich

This morning, after my morning beach walk and making a new friend, I have some thoughts to share. The reason why many of us have such a hard time being thankful for what we have is simply that we have too much to be thankful for… I mean really; we would most definitely run out of fingers long before we even counted all the big stuff! Ever been humbled by a tough time in your life; maybe a risk that didn’t pay off; what about an embarrassing moment? Well right after it you felt pretty lucky to have your good friends; the ones that didn’t judge you. All the sudden the little bit of savings that you “Didn’t lose” seemed like a gold mine! You know its all relative isn’t it? We all have great friends, strong bonds that don’t break when merely tugged. These are the iron cables that we count on to hold us when we fall over the cliffs and stabilize us when we’re standing tall again. I believe that it’s those relationships that decide our worth. How we nurture them and keep them strong is how we live our lives and ultimately how we will be remembered. Money comes and goes; you know “Shot down in May, back on top in June”. Ask yourself this question; who was there? Who was there for you in May AND in June? So instead of counting on money; maybe it’s best to count the times that we’ve sent a thank you card or called a friend just to say what’s up. Stacking up these small friendly actions just might put more towards our future than Benjamin’s in the stock market, you know? I’m just saying… thanks people; we are all blessed to have each other so take stock in your future to become truly rich.

Thanks, Coach


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