Group training is highly successful when following some basic guidelines. Adult groups of two, three, and four are fun, competitive, results driven.

  • Sessions begin with a light cardio or stretch warmup. Whatever the session requires and is equal for each client. Coach talks to all clients to get a read on them on this particular day. Coach keeps specific goals in mind when designing all group workouts. 

  • Conversation makes it fun but is kept to a minimum as it can disrupt the flow of the workout. Instruction is given to the group at the beginning of the workout, in the form of an outline. Individual instructions may be given to each client as the session progresses.

  • Group workouts are designed to flow with little or no rest stops between stations. Waiting periods needed for each client to finish each set provide adequate recovery.

  • As a trainer, it is my job to be on constant alert for the entire session and accurately assess each client’s condition as they make their way through the workout. At any time I feel a client is in danger, their care takes priority over all other duties. If necessary I may remove the client from the workout for a break. COACH NEVER LEAVES CLIENTS UNATTENDED. 

  • At sessions end it’s my practice to have a 5-10 minute cool down period of cardio, lighter weights or stretching. I use this time to assess each one individually and as a group to ensure open communication on all levels; reminding the group of their homework and touching on what will be covered at the next session. 

  • Daily communication with clients for feedback keeps us stay on track.
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