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Good morning Saturday lovers,

Waking up to a splendid sunrise over the dunes this morning, taking my first gulp of Eight O’Clock freshly ground original blend from my “Pike Place Market” Starbucks cup, and writing to you… Its my cup’s maiden voyage; just gifted to me from my good friend and loyal confidant Joe (yes Joe like cup of) who whenever possible encourages my fetish for coffee cups. This one so far is my favorite.. I may have had other favorites in the past but right now this one is king. And so far the cup is pretty stoked about the morning as well. I practically live on the beach so you’d think I’d be pretty jaded about the whole wake up to see the sunrise and all that. Fact is I grew up where the water meets the sand and like most people I find comfort in being home. So this morning I’m happy to share a friend’s Blog with you and suggest that you follow it. I’ve found that as a Real Estate Company or any other kind of company for that matter they are uncharacteristically passionate about the truth, providing solutions, and sharing interesting information. I like that.  The subject of this particular blog post is absolutely close to my heart. After sharing my association with the JT WALK with my friend Gary Lundholm he promptly began promoting it, thus a blog appeared later that day. Gary followed up with a contribution and pledged to walk this Sunday with his wife Marylou. Very characteristic of the man.. and his company. My friend Josh Thompson aka JT has inspired all of us to care, share, and reach out in the name of ALS. We walk together this Sunday for the 5th year knowing that we’re making a difference. Having friends helps… Read the Real Estate Group Blog, its real good stuff.

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