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Sodium Chloride (salt) through its adverse effect on our bodies PH can cause us to lose valuable net calcium contributing to the development of osteoporosis, renal stones, loss of skeletal muscle mass, and age related renal insufficiency (bladder control) later in life. Heavy salt intake inverts the potassium to sodium ratio effecting cardiovascular function adversely and contributes to hypertension and stroke as well. Excess sodium builds up in the body’s fluids (blood and lymph) causing the kidneys to work overtime to excrete it. This build up of fluid not only increases bodyweight but contributes to increased blood pressure. To avoid sodium chloride related issues simply restrict your salt levels to 1400-1800 milligrams per day. This means avoiding most processed foods, almost all fast foods, and of course; tossing the salt shaker. If it sounds worth it…it is, Morefit.

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