Mornings with Sammy…


Ahhh, the smell of coffee brewing, salty ocean air, and baby…what? That’s right; I just spent an amazing week vacation on the Outer Banks with the ocean, seven brilliantly lit starry nights, and my really cool niece “Sammy”. Well there were a few other folks there like my whole family but Sammy was the first face I saw each day when arriving in the kitchen. See, I rise pretty early on vacation to catch the morning surf with my son “Jake” before the wind picks up so there aren’t a lot of family members stirring around. The kitchen was on the 3rd floor (designer must have been asleep that day) so I made the climb each day to the top floor and just as I breached the top of the stairs the most wonderful site came into view. A smile… Sammy has a way of making every morning feel just like Christmas…even in August. Food smeared from ear to ear, bed head in full bloom, and that totally infectious morning grin that says; life is good! So hanging out with Sammy during breakfast was a vital part of my excellent vacation you see. As her mom (Cassie) was desperately chasing the mouth here and there and everywhere, I would coach and continue to cause trouble. This was purely for my own enjoyment of course but Sammy seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. So we did it everyday! When Sammy smiles the sun shines and everything is perfect. This is how I started each day of my summer vacation and so it is to Sammy that I owe the first hour of happiness on each day of our trip. I highly recommend picking up one of these for the whole family to enjoy! Thanks to Nick and Cassie we have a real keeper in our family. Thank you Sammy for a perfect vacation!


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