No bargains, No deals

When it comes to being the best you can be, it’s simple. Put your goal first, give your best every time, and most of all never make deals with yourself to justify quitting.

Recently one of my student athletes was on the fence you might say. Tired and weary of dieting to hold his weight for the mid season wrestle offs while everyone else (seemingly) was taking it easy enjoying the break; he was precariously close to the edge of self pity. I noticed that he’d stopped peddling his bike during workout. Sweat dripping off his nose and chin; he sat, staring despondently at the floor in defeat. This is an edited version of our words:

“Everybody’s a champion buddy. Some of us lead while others follow, but we all face the pain; it’s going to hurt. The scariest feeling is right before a workout because you know you won’t quit until every ounce of energy is gone. Your lungs will scream, your legs will burn like fire, and you’ll probably get sick…again. And when your defining moment arrives, you won’t negotiate; you’ll fight. No deals; all in; be the best or get beat. Who you are when you’re at your best is worth everything you’ll do to get there. You’ll need to be the only athlete that never shows pain. You’ll make weight every time, never complain, or show weakness to your teammates or adversaries. Right now, this very minute you decide who you are and what you’ll become.”

Being a leader is so hard; he replied holding back tears. Yes, and so is defeat son. Which one feels better? We sat quietly for some time; he started pedaling again, and this time with such devotion and determination it would inspire even the most overwhelmed soul to rally back and win. It was an awesome site to witness.

I pressed on: Each member of your team will follow you; never giving less than 100%, never showing weakness, and never making deals to satisfy their conscience. You’ll lead your team to the state championships one victorious day at a time. It only takes one person to change the course of history and you’re that person. Lead!

To get something you’ve never had; you’ll have to do something you’ve never done. No bargains, no deals; that’s what makes a champion.

                                                                                  “Stick with it”


  1. Donna Elbert

    Coach…thanks for that very inspiring post. As I am starting back on my journey it was very helpful for my motivation and commitment. Thanks. Donna

  2. everythingwoman

    You are an awesome coach and writer! I am ready to conquer a new year!

  3. daneen stancill

    I really enjoyed reading this. It can be used for every situation one faces in life daily. I miss reading your newsletters…the very first page especially. I miss you guys too! Tell Beth Hi….I hope to be back in your gym one day(soon)!

  4. morefit

    Thanks for commenting Daneen! I’m also a firm believer that our athletic triumphs fuel our souls for the challenging journey of life. Keep on keeping on “D”! Hope to C U soon!

  5. Mike Love

    Lee if you had enough time in your day you might possibly be able to teach a writing class as well, that was a great entry!! I’m glad to be “back in the gym” Thanks again

  6. morefit

    Thank you Mike, glad you enjoyed it! You’re still training legs next week though…:)

  7. sandy

    You are unbelievable. Sometimes when life seems dreary, I can read just one line of your entry and feel uplifted. Have you ever considered being a Motivational Speaker??? As with everything else you do, you would be great!!!

  8. morefit

    Thank you Sandy! It makes my day brighter knowing that. Have a super awesome Wednesday 🙂

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