How I get results for my one on one clients

Why One On One?

In some cases a group or a virtual training experience isn’t what the client wants or needs. These are my one on one sessions and I love them. This style of coaching is how I began and where I can do some of my best work. It’s needed for high level training in some sports, achieving weight loss of over 75lbs, privacy, erratic career schedules, and when the client feels they just want it that way. 


The BT Inquiry form is extremely helpful for assessing each client’s current fitness levels, sensitivities, past injuries, and concerns. By using the data from each client’s submission I can accurately determine the current fitness benchmark and decide what areas of concern to address during the initial consultation and assessment. 

Weighing daily is essential when training for a leaner physique and many other goals. It is every client’s responsibility and keeps them aware of changes caused by foods, water, sleep habits, and variables in their day. It’s as  much a mental checkup as a physical one, it’s the truth and that is what we use to guide us.

Communication is gold at Bodytek. I ask about every client’s meals, fluid intake, and general condition on a daily basis to keep them in check or address their concerns. I may on occasion weigh a client while in session when I see they’ve lost weight unexpectedly or possibly gained weight for no apparent reason. This is a learning experience for clients and can teach them how subtle changes in environment, food, water, and sleep can affect their bodies performance. 


  • Single one on one sessions can be 2-3 days per week and last one hour. Most workouts are tough enough to complete on that time and are designed to get the job done while allowing for proper rest and water breaks. 
  • A prepared client workout is ready for every session and is custom designed for their goals, strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Workouts are effective yet economical enough to complete within the hour so we can begin recovery meals. 

Workout outline

  • Warm up (Bike, stretch, exercises but no more than 5-10min.)
  • 2 – 3 body parts or total body plus core within each workout
  • 2 – 3 exercises per body part with minimal rest between sets
  • 2 – 4 Sets, appropriate repetitions, supersets, big sets etc. 
  • 1 – 2 sets of core training or secondary core exercises
  • Cardio cool down with bike, stretch, or other

Focus is entirely on the client


  • Always on task 
  • Never takes phone calls
  • Never leaves the room
  • Always achieves the objective
  • Is loved and adored by all… 🙂 


  • Questions are answered
  • Homework and next workout are discussed 
Bodytek Personal Training