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IT’S HERE! Now I bet you’re happy you put all that time and effort into preparing for the New Year… You are ready right? Of course you are. It’s another year full of opportunity, with a star studded cast of fantastic people that includes YOU! But just in case you need them, here’s a few more suggestions for boosting your New Year: First, take a minute to consider all the great opportunities that lie ahead. Some items from last year’s “Try or Die” list may have gotten skipped so include them too. It’s time to begin your excellent adventure into the elevens. It’s kind of like you get to reinvent yourself every year; what a great thing this New Year is. Don’t worry about last year’s misses, screw ups, foot in mouths, or failures because you get a do-over! “There are no failures when something is learned”…whew, good thing!

Don’t be soft on yourself either, do it right. I always begin with personality flaws. What? You don’t have any? You should ask your best friend before skipping this one. Maybe you’ve been an alligator this year “All mouth and no ears”, then you need to listen a little better or criticize a little less… or *maybe just start by admitting that you’re not exactly perfect…. hard to imagine for most of us but give it your best shot. Become more tolerable, helpful, reasonable, understanding, and appreciative in the New Year.  Next, get to work on that body! Yes it needs work, (*see personality flaws section). Get active in the elevens by selecting some fun activities which require a little physical preparation. Let’s say; surfing (of course), a 5K run, 25 mile cycling event, Kayaking trip, Learn to sail, Learn to surf (do it), Hiking trip, skiing trip, safari adventure, wake boarding weekend, whew… get the picture? Have fun with it and get outside of your comfort zone. By training for a fun, athletic, adventure you’ll become fit by default, plus avoid the negative connotations associated with “Loosing weight”.  Tonight while cheering in the New Year with your friends, outline plans for getting out and getting fit!

I recommend also that you submerge into your belief system for 2011. What is your source for courage, support, faith, and belonging? It’s the soil from which your life’s fruit will grow!

Most importantly, have a Happy New Year!


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