I began training professionally in 1999 after eight years of hands on experience in the sport of competitive bodybuilding. I’ve worked along side of and learned from some of the best minds in the business. My first competition was in 1991, I haven’t stopped learning since my first day in the gym 🙂 

International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) Certified in 2007. The founder, James Bell, traveled to Virginia to personally oversee my and my staff’s certifications. I chose the IFPA for my staff and I specifically for it’s focus on real time personal training as well as it’s many specialty certifications. 

Yes, my VISION VIRTUAL PERSONAL TRAINING Mobile App is an out of town option for clients who travel as well as those who live out of the area. I currently train clients successfully from California to the Carolinas! 

All training sessions last one hour. 

Cost is based on small groups, one on one, teams (Youth Athletic Training), or on the BT Virtual Coach App. I meet each client in my by appointment gym or via remote mobile meeting to discuss goals and expectations. This is when we decide what which scenario will allow for the best experience and results. 

I’m an educator, my goal is to inspire you by consistently challenging you to exchange what isn’t working for what works. By learning what “Actually” works and applying it consistently over time, you’ll develop your fitness mind and the body will follow. In this way you’re free to live a full, healthy, confidence filled life. The education never ends, that’s what keeps us stoked! 

Bodytek Personal Training