4 most important fitness facts for weight loss success…

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Goals lead to Greatness: This fact is one often agreed on but seldom taken seriously when laying down the foundation for success. It’s the simple most powerful component for achieving success and should be thought out, weighed, measured and then given a deadline date of completion. Assure success by setting Goals!

Timing your Cardio for best results:  You can’t seem to get those last few pounds off? Put your cardio in the smartest place within your day in order to burn fat. First thing in the morning before your first meal when there is little or no calories to burn and this will force the body to burn its fat stores. Separate your resistance workouts from cardio workouts (3 hours or more) or make sure to limit your total resistance / cardio workout combo time to 1-2 hours so that you don’t miss meals. You’ll not only get the best results from the mornings cardio but also see a significant increase in your muscle development by keeping your recovery meals on time!

60% of your fitness results come from nutrition.

Thanks to this unavoidable fitness fact, those meal plans work! Stick with it!

More Melatonin, More Muscle… Less fat:


BodyTek Personal Training LogoMelatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the body by the pineal gland found in the brain. It correlates with sunlight and darkness making us sleepy towards the end of our day. This wonderful little chemical gives us the needed time to build muscle and utilize our daily caloric intake. Our muscle manufacturing plant works while we sleep burning those unwanted empty calories so remember lights out, get your 8 hours of sleep per night, and let your Melatonin do its job.

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