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Access your workouts anywhere, anytime straight from your Vision mobile app. Nutritional guidance on the fly to keep you on your A game. 

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We have a 100% success rate, quit is not in our program.  Your vision is our mission.  Is this what you’re looking for?  Let’s go!

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Healthy For Life

Build a sustainable healthy lifestyle that lasts forever.  Vision educates and stimulates your quest for a lifetime of overall wellness.

In 1999, after eight years in the sport of competitive bodybuilding, I became a professional fitness trainer. My clients would achieve overall wellness through my leadership. Lower bodyfat through proper nutrition, flexibility and muscle through proper training technique, and harness the power of nutrition for life. Bodytek Personal Training is still my in house training service over 25 years later. I’ve worked along side and learned from some of the best minds in the business. My first competition was in 1991, I’m as excited about it today as I was my first day in the gym.

International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) Certified in 2007. The founder, James Bell, traveled to Virginia to personally oversee my and my staff’s certifications. I chose the IFPA for my staff and I specifically for it’s focus on real time personal training as well as it’s many specialty certifications. 

Yes, my VISION VIRTUAL PERSONAL TRAINING Mobile App is an out of town option for in house clients  as well as those who live out of the area. Virtual client’s results are often better! The flexibility of having our complete program virtually available provides clients with the advantage of never missing workouts or nutritional support, their trainer is always there for them. I currently train clients successfully coast to coast! 

With Vision Premium there is no limit on sessions! My clients benefit from one-on-one coaching and individually designed weekly/daily programing for proper training schedules and recovery time. In this way, they reach their goals safely and on time.  

Vision Premium Personal Training is $675.00 for 3 months. 

I’m an educator, I inspire my clients to learn about their bodies. Proper nutrition and physical training, along with a healthy lifestyle changes our life forever. By learning what actually works and applying it consistently over time, we develop a type of fitness mindfulness and are freed from the trappings and poor choices of sedentary life. Our body becomes fit because it simply does what we tell it to do. In this way we are free to live a full, healthy, confidence filled life. The education never ends, that’s what keeps us stoked as fit individuals! 


Tuesday, February 7, 2023
207.6lbs Josh Vogan
Today was the first day of my meal map. I am making sure to record exactly what I eat in case we have to refer back to the list. I am ready for what you recommend. I'm surprised how much food I'm actually eating per day. No going hungry on my map. Crazy!
Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Thursday, March 16, 2023
195.1lbs Josh Vogan
I can tell that I am gaining muscle. I really like what I am seeing in the mirror and feeling! I think I may have a new addiction. Thank you for the help. I feel like a new man. I can’t wait to see where your training takes me.
Thursday, March 16, 2023
Friday, June 30, 2023
164.4lbs Josh Vogan
You’re the man! Thank you. In Thursday’s workout I was getting pretty winded. Should I incorporate some cardio/track work to help with that? Thank you!
Friday, June 30, 2023
Monday, October 2, 2023
159.6lbs Josh Vogan
Thanks for the accountability and encouragement Coach, I look and feel absolutely great, but it isn’t final! It has only just begun.
Monday, October 2, 2023


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Vision Programs


  •   Fitness and health reminders
  •   Personalized training
  •   Weekly task assignments 


  • Everything in Standard
  • Unlock Premium workout Collections
  • Simple nutritional planning
  • Personalized 1 on 1 training
  •  Everything in Premium
  •  Advanced nutritional planning
  • Founders phone number
  • Advanced workout personalization
  • Time sensitive goal planning

Not Sure? START QUIZ to see which program is best for you!

Exceptional personal trainer. Enrolled in Coach Lee’s virtual training program. Within 40 days I am halfway to my goal. Without starving myself or depleting myself of water, I am constantly losing weight. Coach Lee understands what it means to eat healthy to achieve your goals. Abs are made in the kitchen; is an underrated statement. Sticking to Coach Lee’s map to success I have gained significant strength and have lost 19 lbs, no cardio involved. I lift weights 2 days a week for one hour each session. He employs an app to coach you through your workout sessions. Very fun and educational. He is prompt to respond and is always there for my questions and encouragement. Highly recommend Coach Lee as a trusted personal trainer and nutrition coach. Thanks Coach. 5 STARS Google Review
Josh Vogan
Moyock, NC
Google Review 2023 - See All Reviews
Coach Brinn changed my life for the better. After my second child I had postpartem and lost myself (and my body). Then COVID. I could no longer go to the gym so I figured this was the time to focus and get serious. When my husband and I met Coach, he said that is the exact attitude he could work with. We set some serious goals. Not only did I lose weight, I got back to my body size from my teens, and mostly because of diet and two days a week of weight training. What was more thrilling was I got back to snowboarding after 8 years of not hitting the slopes. I was tearing it up. It was so rad. Even after I moved from VA back to CA, I asked Coach to stick with me and train me virtually. He’s on it. He still takes no BS and whining from me. He holds me accountable. He knows me, he knows my body, my mind and spirit. I owe my life, seriously, to Coach. With him, you’ll get results. But you have to listen. No excuses. Eat what he tells you. Trust me, trust him. You WILL see results. ❤️ Coach Brinn 💪🏻
Marcieanna Klaustermeyer
Los Angeles, CA
Google 2023 - See All Reviews
I have had the most amazing experience training with Lee. Since starting I have not only lost 40lbs but I have gained more confidence and feel better about myself overall. I would recommend BODYTEK to anyone looking to better themselves both mentally and physically and gain the knowledge they need to have a true life style change for the better.
Alexis Moores
Chesapeake, VA
Google 2023 - See All Reviews
I’m sure we’ve all had experiences with “personal trainers” within a gym that provide a few free introductory sessions to help you learn machines, or give you some basic guidance on correct form or proper nutrition. This is not the type of personal training you get with Coach Lee. He is truly in a class of his own. Not only does he understand every detail of the muscular composition of the body, but he also understands the body’s response to the nutritional makeup of the food consumed. His goal is to correct a body’s metabolic system and get it running as it should. Does this mean weight loss? Absolutely, but it is so much more than that. It is increasing metabolism while building muscle for SUSTAINABLE weight loss. I call him a mad scientist because he has absolutely mastered predicting the body’s response to this transformation process. The added benefit is that his clients get to learn their body’s response through his knowledge and guidance - this is where the sustainable aspect comes in. Will this transformation require effort and sacrifice? Absolutely, but if you are finally ready to be the healthiest, strongest, thinnest version of yourself, there isn’t anyone I would more highly recommend.
Jacey P
Hybrid Client (Virtual while traveling)
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