Did you make one? Still thinking about it?

New Year’s resolutions crack me up! Haven’t made one in about twenty years! In fact, I don’t remember the last time I did. Oh, I’m for self improvement and its rewards but seriously how many people actually keep them? Statistics say between 60 and 70 percent of the 40 percent who even bother; cave on their “Res’. Not surprising right? Ok, so stop focusing on the end results and start focusing on the process; the journey. It’s not so overwhelming and unattainable that way. Anyway it’s the journey that determines a life’s worth in my opinion; the day to day actions. I still achieve the desired effect (self improvement) but instead of one big goal; my year is chocked full of little ones; some attainable in as little as a day. Pack enough successful days into a year and it will change your life! Still, prepare to push the limits! Rules; break them, expectations; exceed them, deadlines; beat them, and never, ever quit! Be a goal attaining Superhero like me! Truth is; the bits and pieces that make up your year determine its outcome. It’s simple; what ever you think about every day you’ll become, so what are you thinking about? Don’t like it? Don’t think about it then! Think about what you want the most, It might not be exactly where you intended to go but trust me it’s where you want to go. There’s no need to dream up goals that aren’t really goals; their already there inside your head; shouting at you every day; me, me, pick me! They’re the modifications, and improvements that you can’t stop thinking about…ever. And once you get them out of the way, you’ll see lot’s more waiting for their turn.

No More Following The Crowd

Too often people target goals with billboard appeal that have no real meaning or purpose for them personally. “I’m going to start losing weight” Is that really what you want to do or would you rather run your first 5k? How about a ski trip to the mountains for a week? Why not take surfing lessons? While getting in shape for your adventure the weight will fall off by default! See what I mean? Remember; their already in your head, just go with it. Instead of “Become a better person” I decided to fix a few personality flaws; we all have them and probably know it; but we’ve ignored them so long that ignoring them has become a personality flaw in itself. These little monsters intrigued me so… I went with it. I ambitiously decided to tweak a personality flaw a day; thinking it should take a week or so to clean up my act. That was ridiculous of course and lasted about…one day. I realized I was a bit more screwed up than I thought and decided to give it a little more time so…well let’s just say it takes a lot of time to make a personality flaw modification. I mean after 30 years or so a guy gets pretty messed up folks. We’re talking hardened habits that I thought were ME! Now I had to face the fact that I was simply being way to easy on myself and that needed to change too, and…whew! Bottom line; by focusing on mini goals, in my case personality flaws, I subsequently fixed lots of other issues along the way! I can’t tell you how many problems I fixed by waiting 20 minutes to cool down before charging into a family debate LOL. It’s actually pretty fun. Kind of like playing dress up with your personality, and you get to keep the clothes! Anyway; here is my list of yearly “Goals’ for the stupendous 21’s. Cheers everyone!


Set goals not restrictions.

  • I’ll try new healthy recipes from Bodytek’s recipes of the month list from now on and ask for more!

Instead of: I won’t eat junk food anymore.

The first thing out of my mouth each day will be something positive or complementary to who ever I meet (or to myself).

  • This one always takes me to a higher place; both socially and mentally in too many ways to list.

Help a friend with a big “To do” project and ask for nothing in return.

  • Duh…but in case it’s been a while; the journey is what’s important.

Walk a mile in their shoes.

  • By performing someone else’s duties for spell; I’ll grow my appreciation for their efforts and be more forgiving when critiquing. Essential for humanizing the daily grind amongst co-workers, friends, and family.

Make my “Truly happy” list and start checking those bad boys off!

  • Don’t expect to see a lot of “Things” on this list. I’m always surprised at what makes me truly happy is so simple and requires more time than money. There’s a message here somewhere?


  • I make time to journal. When no one wants to listen to me whine, crow, or reminisce, my journal will. Recap the past month or so and feel your blood pressure drop as you scribble down your memoirs ~ you’ll turn in a positive direction as you write.

Engineer a new way to save money.

  • It’s a scientific fact that financial independence provides feelings of security which lead to a happier longer life. Remember that saving is the same as making and making often increases stress instead of helping the problem.

Do at least one thing everyday to keep myself physically fit.

  • Physically fit people most often: have stronger heart and lungs (stop smoking by default), healthy cholesterol levels (stay off meds), faster metabolic rates (burn fat faster), reduced stress, more frequent endorphin release which makes us feel great, feel confident, socialize more easily, are millionaires…it could happen! J

Have any goals you’d like to share?

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