Life is a gift; style is an option

Lifestyle affects the way we look and feel as much as the way we look and feel affects our lifestyle; 100%! We “wear fitness” so there is no mistaking someone who eats smart while weight training and rocking some daily cardio. You can spot them in a crowd and no doubt their friends will have similar habits and look as fit and happy as they do. It’s their lifestyle! At the same time; a lack of fitness (especially when overweight) can cultivate a lifestyle of negativity and fear; depriving you the joyous freedoms of self confidence, self worth, and self love. My dad always said “you can’t break something that’s already broken”. Is your lifestyle broken? Then do something about it! If you’re experiencing two or more of these lifestyle negatives then its time to make some changes: No “me time”, constantly feeling tired and weak, overweight, scared of the beach, skipping parties and other social events, hate your clothes, feeling down, seeing the glass half empty more often than full? There’s no law that says you have to accept all that! To change your course and head off into the confident sexy sunset; begin by answering three questions: Are you unhappy? Will looking good and feeling good improve your self image and put a smile back on your face? Sacrifice and courage are required for the journey to the other side…you ready to make permanent changes to get what you want? Yes to all of the above means its time for a major lifestyle change. You have a choice! Oh; I realize it’s scary and tough; I’ve been in your shoes but it’s a non-negotiable fact that to get change you must make change. It’s sad to see someone fail because they were too stubborn or afraid to give up their old lifestyle. Here’s what I learned: The most fearful and challenging events in your life will anoint you with strength, confidence, understanding, and purpose; all things that are needed to achieve happiness, peace, and personal success. Now are you ready for some of that? You’ll always wonder what you could have accomplished unless you “go for it”! Remember; there’s a whole other world out there that your missing; don’t feel that your stuck in this one. New places, faces, and tastes await you in the new world; just say yes and you’re on your way! This is the perfect day for your new lifestyle to begin; congratulations!


  1. klakes

    Love it all Lee! Proud of you and all you’ve done my friend!!

  2. sandy

    Lee you are amazing! I look forward everyday for your message! Don’t think I have ever read one that wasn’t just GREAT! You are such an inspiration!

  3. morefit

    Thank you so much for commenting Sandy; knowing that you’re enjoying them makes my day! Stick with it!

  4. morefit

    Thanks so much for commenting Karen! It means so much to know people are listening and learning! Your awesome 🙂

  5. Lissa

    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trannparestly clear now!

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