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Next time you get mad about something – smile… Try it! I’ve found that it’s foolishly difficult to stay mad when you’re smiling. We can say a lot of things about the economy, current state of the union, democrats, republicans, oil spills, obesity, or any other negative cause for our state of mind today but one thing is for sure. We’re the only ones who can change it. I always seem to go back to one when looking for change; Meaning changing ones self first – and in doing so leading others by example. You may not know it but your metaphysical health depends greatly upon your physical health. In other words you can’t dream of ways to make things right without being physically healthy! Let’s look at a whopper of a vitamin deficiency that might be contributing to your hay stack – B12. Avoiding Stress is of prime importance when attempting to maintain a healthy level of B12. Not only will the presence of stress deplete B12 stores but also its uptake. Other contributors are smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.  The most common neurological symptoms in low vitamin B12 are paraesthesia (numbness) of the hands and feet, diminished perception of vibration and position, absence of reflexes, and unsteady gait and balance – the range of symptoms is broad. Pain (perceived as bone pain) as well as reduced concentration, depression, and anxiety issues may accompany the lack of B12. Smoking, high alcohol consumption and many prescription drugs may also reduce B12.

Infants of vegetarian/vegan mothers are in danger of vitamin B12 deficiency, even though their mothers may not have B12 malabsorption illness and may not show any deficiency symptoms. This is because of the relatively high need for B12 in a rapidly growing child. One does not have to be a Vegetarian or Vegan to have a vitamin B12 deficiency of course; the symptoms vary from one body type to another. But the lack of red meat, shell fish, and other non-vegetarian foods containing B12 may contribute to low levels. Two basic categories of B12 deficiency symptoms are recognized today; Nerve related and blood related. The symptoms and possible negative effects are extensive so best to be safe than sorry. As with so many vitamins, minerals, and other dietary requirements today, the FDA standard is quite low. You’ll need to do some of your own research beginning with a self diagnosis. Check your fingernails for lined ridges. I have seen these ridges on my fingernails from time to time when dieting for competitions. Another visible sign may be the loss of the moon shaped light color at the edge of the cuticles. I simply make a dash for the clams and almonds but you may want a bit more of a selection.

Here is a list of some obviously high B12 foods that you may be missing in your diet:

Clams, Mollusks

Beef Liver



Rainbow Trout (wild)

Beef Tenderloin

Dairy products like yogurt and milk also contain B12 in lower levels.

Methylcobalamin, the active form of vitamin B12
has been known to help:

ADHD symptoms
Chronic fatigue
Depth Perception
Viewing Color
Speech (finding words, apraxia, articulation, etc)
Sleep Regulation
Neurotransmitter function
Autoimmune symptoms
Chemical Sensitivity
Viral Infections
Inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica,
Irritable bowel
Eye or muscle “twittering”
Nail biting
Visual and auditory processing
Modulation of light
Night vision
Improved ability to process sounds and modulate background
Nerve regeneration
Blocking the effects of ethanol
Greatly reduces the desire for alcohol, marijuana,
…..methamphetamines, and possibly other addictive drugs and

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